Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit allows businesses to electronically make check deposits from your office, eliminating numerous trips to the bank. Utilizing the latest security and check imaging technologies, Remote Deposit can also reduce the time it takes for your funds to become available. For more information, contact a business banker or stop by any of our locations.


Remote Deposit works in three easy steps:

1. Prepare a deposit of checks for scanning

2. Scan and submit the deposit through a secure internet connection

3. Once CIB receives your electronic deposit, we will process it per your instructions


  • Centralize your payment processing with our web-based solution
  • No software to purchase or maintain
  • Save costs by reducing trips to the bank and eliminating courier expenses
  • Deposit checks daily for quicker cash flow and access to working capital
  • Reduce the risk of fraud by processing checks immediately
  • Electronic deposits are stored in our datacenter so the original items can be safely destroyed at your convenience
  • Comprehensive online reporting features
  • Equipment: you may use most home/office scanners, rent a scanner from CIB or purchase a scanner from CIB


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Q: One of my users has been locked out, how do I unlock them?

A: Your administrator can unlock the user. Under the "Admin" tab your administrator will need to list the users on the system, locate the specific user, and click "Unlock".

Q: How many times can I try my login before I get locked out?

A. Typically, 5 times, but this may vary depending on your company's settings.

Q: I forgot my password, can I have it reset?

A: If you have supplied an email address, you can use the password auto-recover feature to reset your password. Your administrator can also reset this for you.

Q: I'm not able to see the same options as someone else when I login! What do I do?

A: Being able to access different areas is a role that is assigned by your administrator. Contact your administrator for changes.

Q: How long is a scanned check image available?

A: An image is available online for a minimum of 120 days. After 120 days the user will be able to request the image from archive through the online system.

Q: How can I change my bank account?

A: Contact Customer Service to change your account settings. This will require authorization by the person who signed your company’s Remote Deposit Agreement.