Card Services

Take advantage of the purchase power of plastic! Bank cards allow you to purchase items internationally, online, and quicker than ever. Simplify your shopping by not having to fill out checks or worry about having enough cash on hand. For more information about this product click here to inquire now or contact us directly.

Shopping for all your needs has never been easier. With a CIB debit card you no longer have to fumble for that bulky checkbook in the checkout lane. Simply present your card and sign the receipt! The purchase amount is automatically deducted from your checking account giving you the convenience of plastic with the benefits of cash.

Businesses can benefit from debit cards too. A faster, more convenient way to make purchases, enable employees, track expenses and manage finances. You wonít have to show two forms of identification, wait for check approval or worry about writing an out-of-town check. Your purchases appear on a detailed statement that include the date, location and amount of transaction.

Personal Debit Card Application

Business Debit Card Application

*Not all services available at all ATMs.

Earn points every time you make a signature-based or online purchase with your CIB debit card! Points can be redeemed for merchandise, travel, and event tickets. Itís free and you are automatically enrolled when you open and activate your CIB debit card. Limitations apply. Get Started!

Looking for a credit card without the hassle? Choose a CIB Visa® with a low, fixed rate and no annual fee. For every dollar spent, you can earn points toward airline miles, travel perks, or a variety of merchandise with our Scorecard Rewards program. With access to your accounts online, you can easily track your purchases or make a payment anytime! Personal Visa® Credit Card Application

A CIB Visa® corporate card can help you keep your company's expenses on track and obtain the buying power you need to operate your business. Same low, fixed rate, no annual fee and great rewards. For more information click here to inquire now or contact a business banker.

Prepaid Visa® Gift Card

In search of a unique gift that doesnít require gift wrap? Our Prepaid Visa® gift card can be used at over 18 million Visa® locations. Simply visit any teller window and decide on the dollar amount to be loaded onto the card. The teller will deduct the funds from your account. Youíve just purchased a distinctive gift for the person who has everything!